Dr Temi (Esther) Adegoke

Post Doctoral Researcher

Temi is postdoc researcher in transmission electron microscopy. She joined the TEMUL group in 2018 as a MSc student focusing on STEM-HAADF simulations and went on to pursue her PhD in semiconductor nanowire growth and TEM characterisation for energy storage and nanoelectronics applications.




Temi obtained a B.Tech in Physics and Electronics (2015) from the Federal University of Technology Akure, Nigeria, followed by an MSc degree in Applied Physics (2018) from the University of Limerick. Her MSc research focused on defect identification in doped 2D nanomaterials  (MoS2 and WS2) by comparing computer simulated atomic resolution STEM images to experimental STEM data.  She went on to complete a PhD (2023) in Materials Science, also from the University of Limerick under the supervision of Prof. Kevin M Ryan and Prof. Ursel Bangert. Her research focused on solution-based synthesis and applications of high throughput 1-D nanostructures combined with advanced electron microscopy characterization.

Temi  is currently a postdoctoral researcher in TEMUL group, investigating the properties of novel 2-D ferroelectrics employing state-of-the-art Transmission Electron Microscopy, conducting experiments under various in-situ conditions including heating, biasing, and atmospheric environment.