Dr Kalani Moore – Past member

Ph.D. Candidate

Kalani was born and raised in Tramore, on the south east coast of Ireland. He completed his B.Sc. Applied Physics then moved to Oregon for a year before returning to UL for his Ph.D. under Prof. Bangert. He is passionate about surfing, wildlife and science.



  • 2016 – Present, PhD Student with TEMUL “Development of analytical and in-situ Transmission Electron Microscopy methods for assessment of nano-materials”
  • 2011-2015, Undergraduate: First class honours BSc in Applied Physics, University of Limerick, Ireland

Previous research:

  • 2014: Research Intern at the Holst Centre, High Tech Campus, Eindhoven.
  • Worked on optimising the Laser-induced-forward-
    transfer (LIFT) technique using ablation with a nanosecond pulsed laser to produce sub 30 um printed conductive tracks
    for flexible electronics.
  • 2015: Final year project, University of limerick.
  • Worked with Dr. Christophe Silien to create a cheap and wavelength
    tunable, spiral phase plate to create “donut” or “vortex” shaped beams for super resolution infrared microscopy.
  • 2016: Faculty Research Assistant, Oregon State University.
  • Worked with John Nabelek simulating earthquakes and characterising fault orientations from data collected around Iran in collaboration with Tehran University.


  • Quantitative Electron Microscopy (QEM) School 2017, Montpelier, France
  • Institute of Physics 2017 Spring Meet, Dublin, Ireland – Poster:”Atom-by-atom analysis of nitrogen-implanted graphene using high resolution electron microscopy (HREM)”
  • Microscience and Microscopy Congress (MMC) 2017, United Kingdom – Oral Presentation, “Identification of individual dopant atoms in graphene with High Angle Annular Dark Field imaging”