Eoin Moynihan

Dr Eoin Moynihan – Past member

PhD Student

Eoin joined the group as a Research Assistant in 2017 before starting as a PhD student in 2018 funded by the IRC Enterprise Scheme with contribution from the Ernst-Ruska Centre, FZ Juelich.

Curriculum vitae


Research Gate

Eoin finished his B.Sc. in Energy in 2016. During this degree he completed his Final Year Project undertaking research on the development of an uv-vis spectrometer for the measurement of state of charge in a vanadium flow battery. Eoin continued his education by completing a M.Sc. in Applied Physics with first-class honours in 2017. During his Masters degree, he furthered his knowledge in the area of physics, learning about nanotechnology, semiconductors, and microscopy. His research project during this time involved using MATLAB to build a computational model of the electrochemical etching of nanopores in n-doped InP.

Eoin’s research in the group is largely focused around the area of using electron energy loss spectroscopy (EELS) to study plasmons in 2D transition metal dichalcogenides (TMDs), and the tailoring thereof. Eoin will be using the monochromated Titan Themis to conduct low-loss EELS with vastly improved energy resolution allowing localised plasmon studies in the optical regime.