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SALVE Symposium 2017

The 3rd SALVE (Sub-Angstrom Low Voltage Electron Microscopy and Spectroscopy) Symposium was held in ULM University at which U. Bangert was an invited speaker.
  • Prof Ursel Bangert

The 3rd SALVE Symposium - instrumentation and application, low-dimensional structure preparation, property calculation-, on which U Bangert contributed an invited talk (“Ion-beam modification of 2D materials – single implant atom analysis via annular dark-field electron microscopy”) was held at ULM University from December, 11-14, 2017.

The symposium was attended by large number of renowned scientists in the area of electron microscopy application, research and development, and addressed the topics of advanced instrumentation, advanced techniques and theory thereof, low dimensional materials and bridging Biological and Materials Science. It was embedded in the celebration of the successful finalisation of the SALVE (Sub-Angstrom Low Voltage Electron Microscopy) project at ULM University with the inauguration of the SALVE microscope.

The SALVE TEM is the first and only low-voltage EM which is double aberration corrected which was installed in September 2017 and was officially inaugurated in December. It is said to produce results with unprecedented resolution with minimal material damage compared to other existing high-voltage electron microscopes.

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