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Quantitative Electron microscopy School 2017,
  • Dr Eileen Courtney - Past member
  • Dr Eoghan O' Connell - Past member
  • Dr Alan Harvey
  • Dr Kalani Moore - Past member

QEM –Quantitative Electron Microscopy- is an international workshop event held once every 4 years, lasting 2 weeks.
The event is dedicated to advanced transmission electron microscopy techniques and the acquiring of quantitative measurements. QEM is organised by the CNRS, the French National Centre for Scientific Research. 5 members of the TEMUL group travelled to Balaruc-les-Bains to attend the workshop. Lecture topics began by going over basics (wave optics, defect contrast etc), before progressing to the more challenging material (high-resolution quantification, in-situ experimentation). Practical took place either on computer programmes and studying data analysis or on one of the two microscopes which were especially moved to the south of France for the period of the school. Both an FEI Talos system and a Jeol F200 were on site, and with booking, could be used outside of the teaching slots. The practicals that took part on the microscopes included in-situ demos using holders from DENSsolutions and Protochips.

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