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19th International Microscopy Congress

Members of the TEMUL group attended the 19th International Microscopy Congress held in Sydney, Australia, where they presented their latest microscopy results. The theme for the congress was 'Microscopy: Bridging the Sciences'.
  • Dr Michele (Shelly) Conroy
  • Dr Jennifer Cookman
  • Ms Eileen Courtney
  • Mr Eoghan O' Connell
  •  Eoin Moynihan
  • Prof Ursel Bangert
  • Dr Alan Harvey
  • Mr Kalani Moore

The TEMUL team presented their research work at the International Microscopy Congress in Sydney, Australia. PhD students Eoghan O'Connell, Kalani Moore and Eileen Courtney gave oral presentations on their research in atomic resolution EELS spectroscopy of 2D materials. Dr. Michele Conroy gave her presentations on in-situ liquid cell electron microscopy (LCEM) of mineral dissolution and ferroelectric domain wall dynamics. Dr. Jennifer Cookman presented her work on in-situ LCEM to study polymorphisms of pharmaceutical crystals. PhD student Eoin Moynihan presented a poster on his work in low loss EELS of 2D materials. Prof Uschi Bangert as president of the Microscopy Society of Ireland represented the island of Ireland at the European Microscopy Society and the International Federation of Societies for Microscopy general assemblies. After IMC Eoghan O'Connell and Dr. Michele Conroy visited the EM and laser facilities at University of Monash.

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